JRC News

  1. 21 Apr 2015

    A JRC foresight study suggests the European standardisation system should accelerate and rely on an integrated strategy. The study argues this is the only way standardisation will be able to keep pace with technological developments and societal challenges, stimulating innovation and fostering competition.

  2. 1 Dec 2014

    On 27-28 November in Brussels, the JRC organised a conference focusing on the strategic foresight, forecasting and assessment of future technologies. Steered by an international group of experts, the event become a common platform for some 400 practitioners, policy-makers, business, civil society and interested professionals in general to interact and help in guiding strategy, policy and decision-making to anticipate and shape future developments.

  3. 27 Nov 2014

    How can research in food and diets address how we will live and eat in 2050? By supporting the move towards individualised diets; by ensuring the sustainability of the future food system; by improving our understanding of links between food, nutrients and health; and by focusing on integrated policy-making. These are the main findings of a new foresight report that will support work done under Horizon 2020, the EU's Funding Programme for Research and Innovation for 2014-2020.

  4. 25 Jun 2014

    If no further action is taken and global temperature increases by 3.5°C, climate damages in the EU could amount to at least €190 billion, a net welfare loss of 1.8% of its current GDP. Several weather-related extremes could roughly double their average frequency. As a consequence, heat-related deaths could reach about 200 000.

  5. 21 May 2014

    The JRC is launching a call for abstracts for the fifth edition of the “Future-oriented technology analysis" (FTA) conference. Focused on the theme "Engage today to shape tomorrow", it will be held on 27 and 28 November 2014 in Brussels.

  6. 25 Jan 2013

    The European Commission publishes annually the Prospects for Agricultural Markets and Income in the EU. The latest issue, recently published, projects the trends for major EU agricultural commodity markets until 2022.

  7. 26 Oct 2011

    The Space Weather Awareness Dialogue, a conference co-organized by the JRC and Directorate –General Enterprise and Industry, was held on 25-26th October 2011 in Brussels. Key stakeholders from the public and private sectors discussed the potential impact of extreme space weather events on modern technological infrastructures in space and on the ground.

  8. 24 Feb 2011

    The European Commission's Directorates-General Joint Research Centre (JRC) and Research & Innovation invite submissions of abstracts for the Third European Conference on Corporate R&D, CONCORD 2011. The conference will be held on 6th October 2011 in Seville (Spain) at the JRC's Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS).

  9. 13 Dec 2010

    The JRC has recently published the study "A Helping Hand for Europe: the Competitive Outlook for the EU Robotics Industry".

  10. 4 Feb 2010

    The deadline for registration to participate in the Policy Forum of the European Conference on Corporate Research and Development (CONCORD-2010), focussing on Corporate R&D – An engine for growth, a challenge for European policy, to be held in Seville, Spain on 4 March 2010 has been extended to 15 February.