JRC News

  1. 9 Apr 2015

    DOPA Explorer 1.0 is the JRC's latest web-based interface which provides a simple way to explore nearly 16 000 of the world's protected areas.

  2. 16 Mar 2015

    Today the JRC launches the Raw Materials Information System (RMIS), a comprehensive online repository of information on policies, activities and data related to the European raw materials sector.

  3. 18 Dec 2014

    The JRC has recently published a report which provides guidelines to implement water reuse in Europe, and analyses the associated technical, environmental, health and socioeconomic challenges to such reuse.

    Given the lack of formal guidelines at European level to address the reuse of treated wastewater, the report compares relevant national and international measures. It also provides a risk-based management approach, and identifies needs for and barriers to technological innovation and regulation.

  4. 24 Nov 2014

    JRC scientists have developed a new method to assess and improve the resource efficiency of energy-using products, with a particular focus on their end-of-life. Most notably, results are being used for the revision of EU Ecodesign implementing measure for electronic displays (TV and computer screens) and the revision of EU Ecolabel criteria for television sets and personal and notebook computers.

  5. 9 Oct 2014

    How much is Europe investing in the bioeconomy today? What is the state of the bioeconomy sectors across the EU? What are the related policy initiatives taken at EU and national levels? Replies to those and similar questions can be found on the bioeconomy observatory website, set up by the JRC.

  6. 2 Jul 2014

    The European Commission today proposed actions to make Europe's economy more circular and boost recycling. With its research on the environmental footprint of products and life-cycle assessment, the JRC contributes to reach the proposal's objectives, which foresee to recycle 70 % of municipal waste and 80 % of packaging waste by 2030 and ban burying recyclable waste in landfill as of 2025.

  7. 5 Jun 2014

    Following the slogan of today's World Environment Day – Raise your voice not the sea level – the JRC has presented its activities on circular economy at the Green Week, the biggest annual conference on European environment policy which ends today.

  8. 2 May 2014

    Based on the analysis by the JRC on behalf of the Scientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries (STECF), the European Commission has recently published its annual report on the European fishing fleet.

  9. 17 Dec 2013

    The JRC developed a modelling platform to estimate organic carbon stock in European agricultural soils and presented its outcome in the Global Change Biology journal. The platform could serve as a tool to carry out scenario analyses for developing and monitoring European climate change effects and agricultural policies.

  10. 13 Dec 2013

    A geo-economic analysis, identifying the least-cost rural electrification options for sub-Saharan Africa which could bring an end to the persistent energy poverty, was recently presented in an article published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. JRC scientists carried out their research in collaboration with colleagues from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).