JRC News

  1. 11 Jun 2015

    On 10 June 2015, in Budapest, the JRC and the European Academies' Science Advisory Council (EASAC) organised an event, hosted by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, member of EASAC. The event was part of the regional promotion of a joint JRC-EASAC report on the "Management of Spent Nuclear Fuel and its Waste".

  2. 3 Jun 2014

    A JRC co-authored study has examined the evolution of components of spent nuclear fuel by comparing actual spent fuel with lab results obtained on fuel analogues in simulated, accelerated timescale. Most of the trends observed were found to be comparable with characteristics of actual spent fuel. Ongoing programmes are also addressing the retrievability of spent fuel after extended storage and its behaviour under accident conditions.

  3. 22 Nov 2012

    Following the annual Nuclear Materials conference “NuMat”, held this year in Osaka, Japan, delegates and participants were given the opportunity to demonstrate their creative side by submitting artistic images from their scientific studies on nuclear materials.

    The competition 'NuMart' had many entries and we are delighted to announce the winners of the 2012 competition are fellow JRC-ITU colleagues; Thierry Wiss, Annette Küst, Luka Vlahovic and Hartmut Thiele.