JRC News

  1. 18 Jul 2014

    JRC scientists observed some challenges using Wels catfish to monitor the quality of river and other surface waters. It may be important to consider the type (species and size) of fish when deriving to valid conclusions on environmental quality.

  2. 1 Jul 2014

    JRC scientists characterised selected bottled mineral waters from the European market not only to compare results with the total indicative dose recommended by the EC/WHO for drinking water but also to prepare candidate test samples for an inter-laboratory comparison study.

  3. 25 Mar 2013
    Measurement of half-life values of nuclides in the 225Ac decay series offer better precision for future applications.
  4. 13 Nov 2012

    The JRC's Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) organised an interlaboratory comparison (ILC) for the determination of 15 natural and anthropogenic radionuclides in soil. A report describing in detail all the phases of this exercise has just been published.