JRC News

  1. 3 Jul 2015

    Six winners of the German "Jugend forscht" competition and two of the European Contest for the Young Scientists (EUCYS) joined the project which gave the two groups the opportunity to meet and discuss their works collectively.

  2. 8 Oct 2014

    This event, organised on 30 September and 1-2 October, 2014, provided an opportunity for experts in analytical sciences to become TrainMiC® Authorised Trainers. TrainMiC® focuses on how to interpret the metrological requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025 for chemical and bio-analytical measurements.

  3. 27 Aug 2014

    Accreditation plays a crucial role both in the EU internal market as well as in trade with third countries, e.g. in the context of the EU Neighbourhood Policy. This is exactly the reason why the JRC has fostered education in this area and has been instrumental in creating a consortium of universities which offer an international master programme in Measurement Science in Chemistry, which received a Euromaster quality label.

  4. 19 Aug 2014

    The JRC has released a new report giving a comprehensive overview of its research on nuclear safety and security, including their policy background and context. The nuclear activities of the JRC are aimed at supporting the implementation of EU legislation, giving priority to the highest standards for nuclear safety and security in the Union, and internationally.

  5. 14 Jul 2014

    During the 2014 Jugend Forscht Award Session, the German Land Hessen honoured the work of 10 students in the disciplines of earth and space science, technology and physics by inviting the young researchers to a visit of Brussels.

  6. 26 Jun 2014

    TrainMiC®, a community of practice for lifelong learning on quality of analytical data, recently held the workshop "Metrology in Chemistry – Implementing the Technical Requirements of the ISO/IEC 17025" in Ariana, Tunisia.

  7. 3 May 2013

    This week a group of 26 secondary school pupils from the European School in Mol immersed themselves into five different scientific experiments; acquiring a better understanding of the need for scientific measurements and getting a new perspective on possible future careers in science.

  8. 19 Dec 2012

    On Saturday 24 November, around 220 girls aged between 11 and 15 attended a hands-on science day. The event was organised in the frame for the Greenlight for Girls initiative – a non-profit initiative promoting science, technology, engineering and mathematics to girls worldwide of all ages and backgrounds.

  9. 4 Dec 2012

    The graduation ceremony was attended by the graduating students, University Deans, Euromaster coordinators and invited speakers - including JRC Deputy Director-General Vladimír Šucha.