JRC News

  1. 22 Feb 2013

    The report reviews current sources of information on accidents and their availability to operators, authorities and the public. It also analyses some landmark accidents and examines the lessons learned for the industry and the regulatory authorities, linking them to the phases of the risk management chain: prevention, mitigation, emergency preparedness, response and recovery. In addition, statistical information on the frequency and severity of accidents is included.

  2. 16 Dec 2011

    On 16 December 2011 the JRC launched the European Human Resource Observatory for the Nuclear Energy Sector (EHRO-N) and the European Nuclear Safety and Security School (EN3S). The two initiatives are aimed at preserving and upgrading skills in the nuclear field in the European Union.

  3. 31 Oct 2011

    Between October and December, a JRC-run secretariat will organise and prepare a series of peer reviews on Europe’s nuclear power plants (NPPs), to be carried out by experts from the European Commission and the countries involved in early 2012. The peer reviews represent the final phase of three succeeding stages foreseen for testing the safety of the European nuclear plants.

  4. 7 Jul 2009

    A new report from the JRC's Institute for Energy (IE) published today looks at the likely impact of increased reliance on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and more shipments of LNG to the European Union. The report concludes that LNG may remain an expensive energy option for the foreseeable future, with both affordability and geo-political issues expected to remain key factors in this area of the energy sector. The report is intended as just one source of information in a number of elements to be taken into consideration in the development of EU energy policy.