JRC News

  1. 29 Jul 2016

    This material helps laboratories to accurately establish the lowest temperature at which biodiesel can be used, supporting the implementation of the EU policy on the use of biofuels for transport.

  2. 29 Jul 2016

    From 19 to 29 July, the JRC site in northern Italy hosted 47 students, early-stage researchers and young professionals from 17 countries for the 10th edition of European Space Agency (ESA)/JRC international summer school on GNSS.

  3. 25 Jul 2016

    In line with the Commission's ambition to move towards low and zero-emission vehicles, the JRC has developed an online tool to help citizens estimate fuel costs and CO2 emissions of their daily commute or holiday trips by car, for instance.

  4. 25 Jul 2016

    The latest MARS crop monitoring in Europe Bulletin, released today, reports that weather conditions in eastern Europe have been particularly favourable for winter cereals in eastern Europe, which are now giving record yields. While overall yields of the EU-28 are forecast to be below last year’s record levels, they are well above the five-year average. The outlook for maize is also positive, but weather conditions in the coming weeks will determine the final yields.

  5. 20 Jul 2016

    On 20 July the Commission presented a package of measures to accelerate the transition to low-carbon emissions in all sectors of the economy in Europe.

  6. 20 Jul 2016

    By analysing illustrative mitigation policy scenarios, the EcAMPA 2 study assesses the impact of emission reduction targets on production, technology adoption, prices and global emission levels.

  7. 18 Jul 2016

    These country reports provide a wealth of knowledge by detailing the policy developments in the R&I area at national level, analysing the level of public and private funding for R&D.

  8. 14 Jul 2016

    Diversification of supply, improving conditions for domestic production and circular use are key to ensuring the sustainable supply of raw materials in the EU. As millions of European jobs are affected by the market conditions and the availability of raw materials, the EU needs to address its future mining potential, the growing skills shortage and innovation needs and its current import-dependency.

  9. 8 Jul 2016

    A review of case studies assessing the risk from exposure to chemical mixtures shows a potential concern for several groups of chemicals for highly exposed or particularly vulnerable population groups.

  10. 7 Jul 2016

    The JRC has developed an application that will help EU citizens travelling abroad in Europe to see the quality of Wi-Fi, 4G, 3G, and GSM signals they can get in their surroundings.

    'netBravo', allows the user to monitor different variables including signal strength, speed and channel usage, which are then shown in various colours depending on their quality, on a map of Europe.