JRC News

  1. 12 May 2015

    Some 100 000 patients in Europe were diagnosed with this type of skin cancer in 2012 which also accounted for 1% of all cancer deaths in Europe.

    Switzerland, Norway and the Netherlands report the highest incident rate of this cancer which forms in skin cells called melanocytes, which colour the skin.
    With about 86% of melanomas due to exposure to UV radiation, the main preventive measure is to avoid extensive exposure to sun, especially at young age.

  2. 8 Aug 2014

    The JRC published a comprehensive report of breast cancer care services in Europe based on a survey which analysed the current situation in 25 countries that voluntarily participated in the study. This report is a major step towards the development of a European quality assurance scheme for breast cancer services, which is part of the European Commission Initiative on Breast Cancer coordinated by the JRC.

  3. 4 Feb 2014

    Marked annually on 4 February, this year's World Cancer Day carries the message "Debunk the myths" which aims to reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer. The campaign highlights the objective of raising awareness and encouraging governments and individuals around the globe to take action and develop strategies to fight cancer.

  4. 1 Feb 2013

    World Cancer Day 2013 on 4 February intends to raise collective awareness and improve general knowledge around and about cancer and dismiss misconceptions about the disease which, according to latest figures available, affected 2.4 million Europeans in 2008.