JRC News

  1. 14 Oct 2014

    The World Standards Day, celebrated internationally on 14 October, puts the focus on the benefits of standards and harmonised measurements for global and regional economies, as well as for societies. Around 70% of the JRC work is related in one way or another to standardisation. Our scientists provide scientific and technical support in a range of areas from environmental monitoring to critical infrastructure protection, and from food and feed safety to nuclear safety and security.

  2. 3 Oct 2012

    The European Commission has adopted today the second regulatory review for nanomaterials. Nanotechnology has the potential to create major technological breakthroughs and rekindle economic growth. In recognition of this fact, the Commission presents its plans to improve EU law to ensure its safe use.

  3. 22 Jun 2011

    Starting from 1st July 2011, the safety testing of polyamide and melamine plastic kitchenware imported from China and Hong Kong will be carried out according to technical guidelines laid down by the JRC. The guidelines are integrated into an official legal guidance document, published by the European Commission on Tuesday 21 June. It accompanies the EU Regulation No 284/2011 on procedures for the import of plastic kitchenware from China and Hong Kong, prior to its placement on the EU market.

  4. 14 Feb 2011

    The JRC has launched the first European repository of nanomaterials. It contains most types of nanomaterials that are currently assumed to be used in significant volumes in consumer products. These materials will be used as a reference point by laboratories that carry out safety assessments on nanomaterials, to make sure that their results are comparable to those of other laboratories. This responds to a need expressed by experts in international standardisation organisations.