JRC News

  1. 14 Sep 2012

    The JRC has published today a report with new Common Noise Assessment Methods (CNOSSOS-EU) that will enable the production of comparable data on noise exposure from road, rail, air traffic and industry in Europe. This is a prerequisite for the effective implementation of the EU policy on noise that aims to reduce noise pollution, a growing health and economic concern. Member States will have to start using the new methods for the next round of EU-wide strategic noise mapping in 2017. 

  2. 1 Apr 2011

    During the workshop on the "Future of Global Food and Farming - How can Science Support Food Security? " that was held on March 30 in Brussels, representatives from various European, national and international organisations highlighted the need to increase the sustainability of the food system in order to secure the world population's access to adequate, sustainable and good quality food.