JRC News

  1. 17 Mar 2016

    TU Delft's Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management (TPM)  and the JRC's Institute for Energy and Transport will intensify cooperation on research questions linked to the theme of energy transition as stated in a recently signed Letter of Intent. With this LoI JRC-IET and TPM further expand collaboration activities that already existed: exchanging PhD researchers, workshops, training and education.

  2. 9 Mar 2015
    Using teachers' skills from the Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) and students’ performance from the Programme for International Students Assessment (PISA) JRC scientists have exploited a multilevel model to investigate how much of the variation in student performance can be explained by teacher quality at the country level across a number of OECD countries.
  3. 9 Sep 2014

    Existing patterns of student and school non-response to the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) suggest the potential need to revise the design of data collection.

    Results of international educational achievement surveys make it possible to compare countries’ success in educational outcomes and have therefore impacted widely on education policy debate in many countries. However, attention to the survey results has not been matched by thorough reviews of the data quality of such surveys, in particular with respect to non-response rates and non-response bias.

  4. 14 Jul 2014

    During the 2014 Jugend Forscht Award Session, the German Land Hessen honoured the work of 10 students in the disciplines of earth and space science, technology and physics by inviting the young researchers to a visit of Brussels.

  5. 10 Jul 2014

    This report studies the occupational mismatch phenomenon, focusing on mismatching in both education and skill.


    Using PIAAC we calculate several indicators of overeducation and overskilling, investigating how the different measures are related to each other and the differing effects of the mismatch on several European countries.


  6. 5 Jul 2013

    The JRC supports the 6th International Summer School on Measurement Science in Chemistry, held at the University Claude Bernard from 7 until 20 July. The Summer School is run by a consortium of 9 universities (one from Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Portugal and Slovenia, and three from Poland).

  7. 29 Jan 2013

    A selection procedure for fixed-term positions has been launched today to set up a database of over 3000 successful candidates with a research background. They will be placed on a reserve list and called for interview according to the needs of the services (auxiliary contract staff - function group IV ).