JRC News

  1. 21 Oct 2014

    JRC portal gives quick overview of where information is available about a chemical across public repositories

  2. 27 Aug 2014

    Accreditation plays a crucial role both in the EU internal market as well as in trade with third countries, e.g. in the context of the EU Neighbourhood Policy. This is exactly the reason why the JRC has fostered education in this area and has been instrumental in creating a consortium of universities which offer an international master programme in Measurement Science in Chemistry, which received a Euromaster quality label.

  3. 7 Aug 2013

    The latest figures for wastewater treatment in Europe show improvements in collection and treatment, even if big differences remain between Member States. Frontrunners such as Austria, Germany and the Netherlands largely meet EU minimum standards for wastewater treatment with several others being very close.

  4. 5 Aug 2013

    The European Commission has launched a consultation to gather views for the first review of the Annexes I and II of the Groundwater Directive . The annexes contain Europe-wide environmental quality standards for pollutants, a minimum list of pollutants and indicators for which Member States should consider establishing threshold values, guidelines for the establishment of threshold values, and information to be provided by Member States on those pollutants and indicators.

  5. 4 Dec 2012

    The graduation ceremony was attended by the graduating students, University Deans, Euromaster coordinators and invited speakers - including JRC Deputy Director-General Vladimír Šucha.