JRC News

  1. 3 Mar 2016

    A recently published JRC scientific article demonstrates that the degree of regulation of forest management can affect the functioning of national timber markets. Hence, strict, detailed, prescriptions for forest management can inhibit the self-regulating mechanism of the market, reducing the ability of forest owners/managers to respond to—and take advantage of—price signals. This, in turn, could hamper the economic viability of forest ownership in timber markets constrained by regulation, thus impeding efforts to mobilise wood to satisfy a foreseen increased demand.

  2. 5 Jun 2014

    A scientific paper by JRC-IRMM describes promising new results towards the identification of biodiesels originating from soya or canola using their ‘chemical fingerprints’. Laboratory tests could help authorities to monitor the plant origin of biofuels, thus providing information for assessing the sources of biofuel production.

  3. 3 Jun 2014

    JRC scientists recently developed and validated a method in-house that may serve as a reference for the quality assessment of certain biodiesel properties. The new method is based on the measurement of free and bound glycerol, i.e. mono-, di- and triacylglycerides, by on-line hydrogenation using gas chromatography. It could be further used in the production of biodiesel reference materials ensuring a reliable quality assessment of biodiesel.