JRC News

  1. 17 Dec 2015

    The JRC co-authored three recently published prestigious scientific articles with high policy relevance in the frame of the Global Burden of Disease 2013 Study, which is producing estimates of global epidemiological levels and trends through the end of 2015.

  2. 19 Nov 2014

    JRC scientists developed in collaboration with experts from the National Physical Laboratory (UK), the Netherland's National Metrology Institute and the Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia) a new measurement procedure for the calibration of mercury mass concentration at saturation in air samples.

  3. 21 Oct 2014

    The committee for the selection of the Haagen-Smit Prize, given annually to a maximum of two outstanding papers published in Atmospheric Environment, has announced that the single winner of the Atmospheric Environment 2014 Haagen-Smit Prize is a paper led by JRC scientists.

  4. 29 Sep 2014

    IES scientists were recently interviewed at the JRC’s ABC-IS forest flux monitoring station in Ispra for Euronews SCI-TECH futuris feature on the role of forests in the global climate equation.

  5. 21 Jan 2010

    Measurements of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) were carried out by the JRC's Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) within the framework of the environmental assessment of European waste and sustainable use of resources. Emission factors were provided for POPs' from three specific activities in developing countries, where no data had previously been available: brick production, open cooking with biomass and the use of simple stoves. A study on the impact of brick production on nearby soil quality was also included. Final reporting will be made through EU reports, which will be published on the webpage of the Stockholm Convention Secretariat.

  6. 16 Dec 2009

    The JRC has developed a high resolution digital view of man-made green house gas (GHG) emissions for any 10 km x 10 km area in the world. Using JRC's work on emissions and Google Earth™, this new tool allows the visualisation of the levels of emissions locally from 1970 to 2005 and the identification of the main sources.

  7. 22 Oct 2009

    A study co-authored by JRC scientists examining the impact of residential heating on air quality in cities has been selected as story of the month by leading scientific journal Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T).