JRC News

  1. 8 Feb 2016

    To mark the 2016 Safer Internet Day, the JRC launches the web and mobile versions of the Happy Onlife game in 5 languages.

  2. 21 Dec 2015

    The European Commission has launched a public consultation on the mechanisms developed by companies to secure their supply chains and thereby protect their Intellectual Property (IP). Companies acting as IP right holders and/or as suppliers to such a right-holder are invited to complete the survey form within both the goods and service sectors.

  3. 4 Dec 2015

    The first pan-European personal data breach exercise held on 17-18 November 2015 will help identify best practises to improve collaboration between Member States in case of cross-border personal data breaches events.

  4. 2 Dec 2015

    The security and privacy aspects of Cooperative-Intelligent Transport System technologies were analysed by an international team, including the JRC. These innovative systems have great potential for increased road safety and improved traffic conditions.

  5. 29 Oct 2015
    The challenge

    The MYGEOSS project launched on 15 September 2015 its second open call for innovative applications using open data, or crowd-generated data in different domains that address citizens’ needs. The call closed on the 30 September 2015 and was a resounding success with 42 applications received from 15 countries: 43% from SMEs, 36% from universities and research centres, and 21% from individuals.

  6. 15 Sep 2015

    MYGEOSS is launching a second open call for development of innovative applications (mobile or web-based) using openly available or crowd-generated data in different domains addressing citizens’ needs.

  7. 4 Aug 2015

    Rapid technological change is reconfiguring how the data needed to support public policy are produced and used. New satellites, sensors, and mobile devices are increasingly turning the private sector and the public into major producers and users of data, some of which are also very  relevant for public policy. This creates many new opportunities but also challenges for data access, and interoperability among diverse data sources.

  8. 13 Jul 2015

    The JRC has launched a a survey designed to capture the state of play with regard to data management practices on the local, national and continental scales, as a follow-up to the 2014 ‘Citizen Science and Smart City Summit’.

  9. 22 May 2015

    MYGEOSS 10 winning applications will be awarded contracts by the JRC for a maximum of €13 500 to further develop the applications, and take them to the stage of first public release within three months of signing the contracts.

  10. 12 May 2015

    JRC research on digital economy and related topics contributed to the new Digital Single Market (DSM) Strategy for Europe, launched by the European Commission on 6 May. JRC input included empirical evidence on R&D, innovation, cross-border e-commerce, copyright, intellectual property, venture capital, crowdfunding for research, entrepreneurship, eHealth, digital competence, data protection or employment.