Networks & bureaus

To meet its objectives and deliver high-quality scientific support and results, the JRC has developed lasting partnerships with external entities sharing a common interest in specific research areas. This collaboration is essential for the JRC's work on harmonisation and validation of methods and measurements, establishing common standards, and providing scientific and technical support for the implementation of European legislation.

JRC's networking activities also respond to European policy makers' and EU Member States' increasing demands to establish common scientific reference systems. The JRC collaborates with hundreds of partner organisations in scientific networks worldwide, covering a broad range of fields from climate change and air quality to environmental monitoring of radioactivity and food contact materials.

  1. The JRC coordinates the EU Network of National Reference Laboratories for food contact materials.

    Acronym: EURL-NRL-FCM
  2. The European Network of Cancer Registries (ENCR) promotes collaboration between cancer registries, defines data collection standards, provides training for cancer registry personnel and regularly disseminates information on incidence and mortality from cancer in the European Union and Europe.

    ENCR is hosted by the JRC. Established within the framework of the Europe Against Cancer Programme of the European Commission, it has the following objectives:

    Acronym: ENCR
  3. The primary purpose of the ENGL is to help solve the large number of challenges that enforcement laboratories face in the field of detection, identification and quantification of GMOs.

    Acronym: ENGL
  4. EU-NETVAL provides support for EURL ECVAM's validation studies that serve to assess the reliability and relevance of alternative methods with a potential to replace, reduce, or refine the use of animals for scientific purposes.

    Acronym: EU-NETVAL
  5. The JRC's European Union Reference Laboratory for alternatives to animal testing is the leading international centre for coordinating the validation of alternative methods.

    Acronym: EURL ECVAM
  6. The JRC supports the European Food Safety Authority's work on additives in feed at it's European Union Reference Laboratory for Feed Additives.

    Acronym: EURL-FA
  7. The JRC supports EU policy regarding GMOs in food and feed at the European Union Reference Laboratory for Genetically Modified Food and Feed.

    Acronym: EURL GMFF
  8. The JRC supports the European Commission to ensure the verification of compliance with the feed and food law, animal health and animal welfare rules regarding heavy metals in feed and food at the European Union Reference Laboratory for Heavy Metals in Feed and Food.

    Acronym: EURL HM
  9. The JRC supports the implementation of European legislation related to the monitoring of mycotoxins in food of plant origin and animal feed at the European Union Reference Laboratory for Mycotoxins.

    Acronym: EURL Mycotoxins
  10. The JRC supports the implementation of European legislation regarding the levels of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in foodstuffs at the European Union Reference Laboratory for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons.

    Acronym: EURL PAHs