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European Coexistence Bureau

For those GM crops authorised for cultivation, EU Coexistence policies include technical measures designed to minimise the economic impacts of a mixture of GM and non-GM agricultural supplies, without compromising the economic efficiency of farmers. The JRC, through the operation of the European Coexistence Bureau (ECoB), develops standards of best agricultural practices for coexistence to assist Member States in developing national rules.

These best practices have to be crop specific and give flexibility for the different agricultural situations in Member States. In the past, for example, ECoB has developed best practices for maize coexistence, and has created working groups to prepare best practices for the coexistence of GM and conventional potatoes and soybean in the EU. Additionally, ECoB develops technical guidance for agriculture in cross-border coexistence issues, when two neighbouring EU Member States differ in their technical coexistence specifications. ECoB was created in 2008 and is composed of JRC scientists and experts from Member States.