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The ERMES group emerged from the collaboration since early 2000 of two groups engaged in developing the models HBEFA (DACHNL group headed by INFRAS and TUG) and COPERT (EEA/JRC/LAT/Emisia). Both groups have been active in emission measurements and modelling since the 90s. The ERMES group, chaired by JRC since 2009,  strives to bring together the knowledge produced in Europe, to facilitate the exchange of information and to promote the cooperation among the actors involved in the measurement and modelling of emission from road vehicles. The participation to the ERMES group is open and voluntary; at present, more than 50 Organizations from 23 different Countries are involved.


The ERMES group meets regularly every year to share research results and discuss on priorities for each year's work-programme. ERMES partners share their experience, solve methodological issues and consolidate the knowledge in the field of transport emissions to produce the most up-to-date emission estimation tools for policy making and policy implementation purposes.

ERMES work has impact on European legislation such as the fuel quality directive 98/70/EC and 2009/30/EC, the regulations on CO2 emission performance standards (EC) 443/2009 and 510/2011, the air quality directive 2008/50/EC and the national emission ceilings directive 2001/81/EC, the type approval and vehicle emission legislation (2007/46/EC, 715/2007, 692/2008, 595/2009, 582/2011) as well as international agreements such as the CLRTAP convention, the Gothenburg and Kyoto protocols.


Moreover, the ERMES framework provides ground for cost-effective research, since the burden of measurement programmes is shared by the funding authorities within ERMES and effective research coordination avoids overlapping of efforts.


More information and publications available on the ERMES website.