EU Science Hub


Involved JRC Institutes: IET, ITU

Legal Basis: Joint Programme under SET-Plan

EERA JPNM consists of the following subprogrammes:

Sub-programme 1: Design of ESNII demonstrators and prototypes;

Sub-programme 2: Innovative steels;

Sub-programme 3: Refractory materials;

Sub-programme 4: Modelling and experimental validation on structural materials;

Sub-programme 5: Synthesis, irradiation and qualification of advanced fuels;

Sub-programme 6: Multiscale modelling and separate effect experiments on fuels.


Legal documents: Letter of Intent

Start date: November 2010

Members: 19 (status: June 2014) plus associates

EERA General Secretariat: Holger Ihssen, Helmholtz Association, Brussels;

EERA JPNM Coordinator: Lorenzo Malerba, SCKˑCEN Belgian Nuclear Research Centre; LMALERBA@SCKCEN.BE

Contact at JRC: K.-F. Nilsson, P. Hähner (IET, F4)

JRC role: Coordination (K.-F. Nilsson) of Sub-programme 1: Design of ESNII demonstrators and prototypes; member of Steering Committee and Governing Board

Deliverables: technical reports & results of scientific projects, research agendas, roadmaps, position papers on dedicated topics, framework documents, recommended practices, best practice documents, conference papers, articles in peer-reviewed journals.