EU Science Hub


Building a comprehensive evidence base, conducting analyses and foresight studies

  • Inventory of data sources and activities, quality assessment, development of a dynamic data hub with key data sets, and identification of new data sources, missing data and knowledge gaps requiring further research
  • Production of analyses and foresights using quality-controlled data, and launch of studies to address specific topics and generate new knowledge

Knowledge is fragmented

The KCMD will bring together and make sense of fragmented data and information inside and outside the Commission. It will address knowledge gaps and enhance the knowledge base through its European and international networking activities and targeted analysis and studies.

Its analyses and studies will also address medium to longer term needs to explore, for example, the impact of potential demographic and mobility scenarios on the labour market, health, welfare and education systems; the KCMD will map migration flows and deepen the understanding of why people decide to migrate by looking at incentives, determinants or the risk of forced displacement. It will anticipate future demographic, economic and geopolitical trends and will develop and explore alternative scenarios.

The KCMD will offer expertise in foresight and behavioural science to explore innovative and forward-looking migration policy options.

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