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MARS bulletins - crop monitoring in Europe

The JRC MARS Bulletins will be published in 2018 on the following dates: 22 January, 19 February, 19 March, 16 April, 22 May, 18 June, 23 July, 27 August, 17 September, 22 October, 26 November and 17 December.


JRC MARS Bulletins

Difficult autumn sowing campaign (27/11/2017)

Yield forecasts remain above five-year average (23/10/2017)

Wet conditions delay winter sowing (23/10/2017)

Outlook for summer crops now above average (18/09/2017)

Irrigation mitigated hot weather impact (25/09/2017)

Positive yield outlook despite a difficult season (25/09/2017)

Very positive grain yield outlook (25/09/2017)

Slightly improved outlook for summer crops (21/08/2017)

Grain maize yields revised downwards (24/07/2017)

Slightly above average yield outlook (24/07/2017)

Hot and dry start to summer (26/06/2017)

Delayed crop development but positive yield outlook (26/06/2017)

Favourable spring conditions, but slight delay (26/06/2017)

Dry conditions diminished winter cereals yields (26/06/2017)

Positive season for Morocco and Tunisia, but negative for Algeria (26/06/2017)

Dry and cold weather affects yield outlook (22/05/2017)

Fairly positive outlook for winter cereals (24/04/2017)

Positive start to the season after winter dormancy (01/04/2017)

Good water supply but delayed crop development (01/04/2017)

Promising start to the season (27/03/2017)

Promising start to the season (27/03/2017)

No impact from a dry and cold winter (27/03/2017)

Expectations tempered by slightly negative conditions (27/03/2017)

Winter finishing with N° major constraints - Frost damages remain limited (20/02/2017)

Minor frost damages so far (23/01/2017)


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