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The JRC MARS Bulletins will be published in 2018 on the following dates: 22 January, 19 February, 19 March, 16 April, 22 May, 18 June, 23 July, 27 August, 17 September, 22 October, 26 November and 17 December.


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JRC MARS Bulletins

Fair outlook despite late start of spring cereals

Drought concerns for southern Russia

Yield forecasts revised downwards

Limited impact of dry weather so far

Warm April accelerates crop development (22/05/2018)

Early flowering of winter crops (08/05/2018)

Cold and wet conditions delay spring sowing (16/04/2018)

Fairly good outlook in Morocco and Tunisia - Rain needed in Algeria (26/03/2018)

Overall, a fair start to the season (19/03/2018)

Frost tolerance remains weak (19/02/2018)

Very mild winter so far (22/01/2018)

Hardening of winter cereals is delayed (18/12/2017)

Rainfall affects sowing in northern areas (27/11/2017)

Sowing proceeds under favourable conditions (27/11/2017)

Favourable start of the winter cereals season (27/11/2017)

Difficult autumn sowing campaign (27/11/2017)

Yield forecasts remain above five-year average (23/10/2017)

Wet conditions delay winter sowing (23/10/2017)

Outlook for summer crops now above average (18/09/2017)

Irrigation mitigated hot weather impact (25/09/2017)

Positive yield outlook despite a difficult season (25/09/2017)

Very positive grain yield outlook (25/09/2017)

Slightly improved outlook for summer crops (21/08/2017)

Grain maize yields revised downwards (24/07/2017)

Slightly above average yield outlook (24/07/2017)


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