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MARS bulletins - crop monitoring in Europe

The next issues of the JRC MARS Bulletins Crop monitoring in Europe will be published on: 25 January, 22 February, 15 March, 26 April, 25 May, 21 June, 26 July, 23 August, 20 September, 25 October, 22 November, 13 December

The JRC MARS Bulletins in the Global outlook series will be published in February (North Africa), May (Turkey), June (Ukraine, N. Africa, Russia, Kazakhstan), September (Ukraine, Turkey), October (Russia, Kazakhstan).



JRC MARS Bulletins

Limited impacts of cold spells on winter crops

Poor yield outlook for winter crops in Algeria

Crops doing fairly well in the rest of North Africa

Cold and snowy start of 2021 in south-western Europe 

Decreased yield outlook for spring cereals; fair prospects for winter cereals

Difficult season with reasonable yields

Hot summer toned down high yield expectations

Substantial rain deficit lowers yield expectations

Reduced yield outlook for summer crops due to hot and dry conditions

Rainfall sustains positive outlook for EU summer crops, but mixed effects on winter crops

From too dry to too wet, but yield potential good overall

Fair outlook for spring and winter cereals despite hot temperatures

Drought hampered cereals in Morocco and western Algeria

Prolonged rain deficit tempers yield outlook for winter cereals

Yield forecasts for winter crops further reduced

Very good season in south-eastern regions

Winter crops in good condition, despite lack of rain

Compromised expectations for cereals in Morocco and western Algeria; some concern for barley in Tunisia

Exceptionally mild winter and start to spring