Mailing lists

If you would like to be informed by email about

  • what's new on the JRC website,
  • new issues of the JRC Newsletter,
  • JRC press releases,

you can subscribe to JRC's electronic mailing lists.

As an external user you can subscribe with your email and a freely chosen password. If you have an email account at the European Commission you can register for the service with your Commission (CUD) logon name (seven characters , e.g. "einstal" for Albert EINSTEIN) and password.

If you wish to receive more specific "made to measure" information such as e.g. specialised scientific vacancies or press releases on specific subjects, you should provide us with your personal profile and your interests. Please note that providing this information is not a requirement for subscribing to the mailing lists. The additional information is only geared to help the JRC to serve you better. You should also be aware that the JRC can not guarantee that the information sent to you through email alerts will be comprehensive with respect to your interests and profile.