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LifeComp: The European framework for the personal, social and learning to learn key competence

Today's world is interconnected. And it's changing rapidly. We all need to change and constantly adapt.

Adaptation requires us to develop new skills, new know-how, new competences.

We need to develop these competences throughout our entire life.

In May 2018, the Council of the European Union adopted a recommendation setting out key competences for lifelong learning.

Fundamental competences to adapt to a changing world

These competences are fundamental to

  • achieve personal fulfilment and satisfaction,
  • develop ourselves and relate to others,
  • learn how to learn and keep being employable.

They are also essential for our social inclusion and for our civic participation in society.

Following this recommendation, the JRC, in collaboration with the Commission department for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture (EAC), has developed LifeComp.

9 competences that can be learned by everyone

LifeComp is a framework to establish a shared understanding on the “personal, social and learning to learn” key competence.

It is a conceptual framework. It is non-prescriptive, and it can be used as a basis for the development of curricula and learning activities.

The framework wants to help people to unleash their dynamic potential, self-regulate their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.

The aim is to build a meaningful life, cope with complexity, be thriving individuals, responsible social agents, and reflective lifelong learners.

LifeComp describes nine competences that can be learned by everyone in formal, informal and non-formal education.

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LifeComp: The European Framework for Personal, Social and Learning to Learn Key Competence