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JRC Eurovoc Indexer - JEX


Multilingual Eurovoc thesaurus descriptors are used by a large number of European Parliaments and Documentation Centres to manually index their large document collections. The assigned descriptors are then used to search and retrieve documents in the collection and to summarise the document contents for the users.

The EuroVoc Thesaurus

The EuroVoc thesaurus was developed by the European Parliament (EP), in collaboration with the EU Publications Office (OP) and several national organisations for the indexing (cataloguing / classification / categorisation) of document collections in several languages.

JEX usage conditions

The JEX software can in principle be downloaded and used free of charge, but the detailed usage conditions in the EU Licence Agreement (EULA) need to be adhered to. Scientific work using JEX, or scientific publications making reference to JEX, should make reference to at least one of the publications mentioned below (see the Section More information on JEX, below).

Download JEX

JEX has been trained for twenty-two languages. Each language version can be downloaded separately.

More information on JEX

The user manual gives an easy-to-understand overview of the software and explains how to use it, step by step:

  • Ebrahim Mohamed, Ralf Steinberger & Marco Turchi. JEX Manual.


We would like to thank Bruno Pouliquen, who has developed a major part of the main assignment method, and Mladen Kolar, who has implemented an initial Java version of the tool. We would like to mention the support of Victoria Fernandez-Mera from the Spanish Congress of Deputies and Elisabet Lindkvist from the Swedish Riksdagen, who gave us a lot of advice on practices relating to manual EuroVoc indexing and who helped us to thoroughly evaluate the software. Finally, we are grateful to the Publications Office of the European Commission for having provided their collection of manually EuroVoc-indexed documents. The initial work on JEX was funded as a JRC Exploratory Research Project. The preparation of the first public release of JEX, in May 2012, was partially funded under the JRC’s Innovative Project Competition scheme.