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Determination of bromate in drinking water (collaborative trial)

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IMEP-25a bromate in drinking water

The Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements (IRMM) organised an interlaboratory comparison for the validation of a method (collaborative trial) for the determination of bromate in drinking water (IMEP-25a) in support to the activities of the ISO/TC 147/SC 2. The method was based on the use of ion chromatography-post column reaction-ultraviolet detection (IC-PCR-UV). The standard operational procedure with a detailed description of the method to be used and validated in this exercise was distributed to the participants after registration, by e-mail. Seven sample matrices were included in this exercise: hard drinking water, soft drinking water, mineral water, raw water, swimming pool water, river water and a bromate standard solution.

This exercise was open to all laboratories with experience in bromate analysis in water.