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Determination of the mass fractions of total As, Cd, Pb, Hg and iAs in complete feed for fish

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The EURL-HM-25 proficiency test (PT) focuses on the determination of the mass fractions of total arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and inorganic arsenic in complete feed for fish. This PT is organised in support to Directive 2002/32/EC on undesirable substances in animal feed.

The main objective of this exercise is to assess the analytical capabilities of nominated National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) in the determination of the specific trace elements in complete feed for fish.

Participation in EURL-HM-25 is open to NRLs and obligatory for those having mandate for this type of analysis. Participation in EURL-HM-25 is also open to appointed Official Control Laboratories (OCLs) in the field of feed compliance.

Participation is free of charge.

Test materials and analytes

The test material to be analysed is a complete feed for fish. Each participant will receive one test item. The measurands are the mass fractions of total As, Cd, Pb, Hg and iAs in complete feed for fish.


General outline of the exercise

Participants are requested to perform one to three independent analyses using the method of their choice, and to report the mean of their measurement results, the associated expanded measurement uncertainty and coverage factor k.

Detailed instructions will be sent together with the test item.

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