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Innovation in EU-funded research & innovation projects: Innovation Radar

The EU – through Framework Programme research projects – is investing heavily to support innovators. Launched by DG CNECT, Innovation Radar is the main source of actionable intelligence on innovation emerging from EU-funded research & innovation projects. The JRC contributes with:

1. Intelligence on innovations and innovators in EU-funded research & innovation projects

2. Analysing the conditions and design of EU-funded research & innovation projects and their innovative output

Available research: Organizational diversity and innovation potential of EU-funded research projects

Further research on geographic dispersion and role of project coordinators in progress.



Innovation Radar was started as a pilot by DG CNECT in May 2014 with the goal of systematically securing timely data and intelligence about digital innovations being developed with EU funding, and the innovators developing them. By the end of 2015, the pilot had secured data on almost 20% of all research and innovation projects launched by DG CNECT in Framework Programme 7. The data gathered was analysed using an assessment framework developed by the JRC.

Following the success of its pilot, the use of the Innovation Radar method has been scaled up. It is now becoming a main source of actionable intelligence on innovations emerging from EC-funded research & innovation projects in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and also non-ICT themes. It serves as a business intelligence tool for policy makers to design forthcoming EU-funded collaborative research & innovation programmes. Making the results of the Innovation Radar open to the public will help to bridge innovators in FP projects and external stakeholders, such as – but not limited to – citizens, investors, technology scouts and incubators.