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IESI (ICT-Enabled Social Innovation)

The economic crisis and the sustainability challenges posed by the ageing population trends have helped increase unemployment, poverty and social exclusion in the EU.

To help address these problems, the EU Social Investment Package for growth and social cohesion (SIP) urges European Union's Member States to prioritise social investment and the modernisation of their welfare systems.

JRC is exploring, in collaboration with DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, how ICT-enabled innovation can enhance integrated approaches to social services delivery in different welfare systems within the EU.

This research project is called IESI: ICT-Enabled Social Innovation.  IESI aims to explore the nature and impact of ICT-enabled social innovation and to provide evidence-based support to the implementation of the EU Social Investment Package for growth and social cohesion (SIP)

Research objectives

  1. Provide a deeper understanding of how EU Member States can make better use of ICT-enabled social innovation to implement the actions suggested in the SIP.
  2. Develop a methodological framework of analysis of the impacts generated - from micro to macro level - by ICT-enabled social innovation initiatives promoting social investment.
  3. Contribute to building evidence-based input to social policy innovation, providing results of a structured analysis of initiatives and sharing successful experiences implemented in EU Member States.

Within this context, the project is developing the IESI Online Knowledge Map. It collects and analyses promising initiatives across the EU. It also conducts thematics analyses to assess the relationship between different welfare systems and social service provision models.

The research specifically covers the emergence of ICT-enabled social innovation in different social investment areas.