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FTA2018 - Future in the making

Jun 04 2018
Jun 05 2018

Exploring new challenges of policymaking and future-oriented frames and methods to respond to them is the aim of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) FTA2018 conference - Future in the making.



If you are a foresighter, a policymaker, a practitioner, a designer, an academic or a future-thinker we invite you to participate and explore the future at the FTA2018.

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Conference goals

/jrc/en/file/174937FTA2018 - Future in the making

Today's policymaking environment is complex. People seem to lose trust in policymakers and democracy.

This is already leading to profound transformation. The number and variety of actors increased. There are new channels of involvement and influence.

Policymakers are confronted with an accelerating speed of change. The emergence of novelty requires not only rapid reaction but also creation of new meaning and sense.

The conference is to contribute to transformation and innovation in policymaking by:

  • Presenting and debating insights from recent future-oriented work on specific policy relevant topics;
  • Sharing experiences of how foresight has been used in policymaking
  • Demonstrating how foresight has influenced policy processes and decisions;
  • Supporting the advancement of methods, practices and complementary approaches to changing policymaking needs;
  • Stimulating the uptake of these approaches and exchange between practitioners and policymakers.

Themes and strands:

Presentations and discussions will be framed around a set of horizontal themes

Contributions will be organised in three strands


We invite you to visit the programme webpage regularly as the agenda will be continuously updated.