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Take pictures of rapeseed in bloom and help improve crop yield forecasting

A social media campaign on flowering rapeseed! Help improve crop yield forecasting
Apr 10 2018
Jun 30 2018

Rapeseed is one of Europe’s major crops. Oil and animal feed is produced from it. And it is beautiful to look at when flowering.

Take part in our social media campaign by collecting pictures of rapeseed in bloom from around your area.

You will support our research.

We need your help for our research

Deadline: 30 June 2018

What we do with your pictures

Your pictures support EU agriculture.

Our scientists will collect the location and timing of flowering from your pictures. Your data then helps to improve the information based on Copernicus satellite observations.

Your 'Citizen Science' input will help to improve crop models and forecasts of crop production across the European Union.  


This campaign is a pilot project testing this new, inclusive method of data gathering for ground-based evidence: 'crowd-sourced' citizens' data that supports observations from Europe’s satellites.

The flowering rapeseed project links to the H2020 funded project LandSense.

The LandSense Citizen Observatory empowers people to track and report on their environment.


Copyright: The participants retain full copyright of their images. However, participants grant the European Commission the right to publish and exhibit uploaded photographs.

No fee will be payable by the European Commission for this use.