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What should I do with opened CRM containers?

Materials from opened containers should be used completely as soon as possibl

e after opening. Producers usually have no information about the stability of material in open containers stored in the customer laboratory, which is why they cannot guarantee the correctness of the certified value after longer periods of opened storage. It is up to the judgement of the analyst whether a certain material will or will not change after opening of the container.

What type of sickness insurance system is provided?

A medical aid scheme is provided for all Commission statutory staff, which in

cludes officials, temporary agents and contractual staff.

What type of work are you involved in the cancer therapy research?

The cancer research program at JRC-ITU focuses on all stages of developing ta

rgeted alpha therapy (TAT) from bench to bedside, including the development of innovative methods for the production of alpha emitters, pre-clinical studies in vitro and in vivo, as well as conducting clinical trials in collaboration with hospitals in Europe and world-wide.

When does the trademark expire?

The ERM® trademark is licensed to member organisations for the duration o

f the ERM® concept provided the licensee continues to remain a member of the concept and to follow the concept rules. Licensees are obliged not to use the trademark for any materials, which are not accepted as ERM®.

Where can I buy reference materials of the European Commission?

CRMs can be bought directly from IRMM or from one of our authori

Where can I find reference materials?

Main sources to locate reference materials are:

Catalogues of the producers

Websites e.g. IRMM website or

Databases e.g. Comar

Dedicated websites such as

Where can I get additional information on my material?

IRMM publishes for each material an extensive report available on this web si

te. This report gives valuable information on methods used by the participants and potential problems besides giving more detailed information on the production of the material.

Which DNA extraction method should I use?

Reliable results can only be guaranteed if an extraction method validated in

a collaborative trial is used. Some extraction methods and their validation reports are accessible on the web site of the EURL for GM food and feed under the section "Status of dossiers".

Which is the best method to perform SA on my model?

The choice of which SA method to adopt is difficult as each technique has str

engths and weaknesses. Such a choice depends on the problem the investigator is trying to address, on the characteristics of the model under study, and also on the computational cost that the investigator can afford.

More information: Sensitivity analysis

Which method do I have to use?

Any method that is traceable to the same reference as the certified value can

be used.