1. How many Safeguards samples are analysed yearly at JRC-ITU?

    Under the Euratom Treaty, the European Commission, through the Directorate General for Energy, has the duty to assure that the nuclear material is only used for declared, peaceful purposes. In order to verify the flow of nuclear material, analyses are carried out at the JRC-ITU labs. In addition, analytical on-site laboratories at the two largest European reprocessing plants were set up by the JRC-ITU, an average of 1000 sample's are analysed per year.

    At international level, the European Commission also cooperates with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the control of nuclear materials and facilities in order to avoid proliferation or diversion. In this area, JRC-ITU analyses 100 environmental samples (particles on cotton swipes) per year, supporting both Euratom and IAEA requests.

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