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The Future of Road Transport - Implications of automated, connected, low-carbon and shared mobility

Current trends suggest that future road transport will be significantly different.

It is likely that we won't need to get any more to the gas station every week or so. Our cities won’t smell any longer. We will be able to see the blue sky more frequently.

It is also possible that we can make a different use of our garage, because we won’t need to own a vehicle.

When we need to get somewhere, we can rent a car or book a transport service. Or use a combination of different modes.

One of the available modes could be a new car concept:

  • Allowing one or two passengers
  • Able to drive alone and
  • Able to communicate with the other vehicles and the road to prevent accidents.

But, the car would be only one of the available options. A car can be used only in limited circumstances. Otherwise there will probably be so many cars around that we will waste more time than today in traffic jams.

It is true that while waiting we can read something, do shopping, work or interact with others, but maybe better to do these things at home or outside.

In the end we could have cooler, smarter and more comfortable vehicles, but the overall system would be pretty much the same, just with more problems.

Key findings

A perfect storm of new technologies and new business models is transforming our vehicles, how we get around, our way of life.

The massive changes bring an opportunity to move towards a new transport system: more efficient, safer, less polluting and more accessible to larger parts of society.

The new transport technologies, on their own, won't spontaneously make our lives better.

Our transport systems and policies need upgrades to the 21st century.

To ensure that the future of transport is cleaner and fairer than its car-centred present, policymakers must improve governance systems and involve citizens in the rollout of innovative mobility solutions.

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The Future of Road Transport - Implications of automated, connected, low-carbon and shared mobility