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Living longer, leading more productive lives - EU Demographic Scenarios

Europeans are living longer, but they can also lead more productive lives

  • Today, Europeans are expected to reach the age of 81 on average – that’s 9 years more than the global average.
  • Based on current trends, more than 30% of the EU’s population will be older than 65 in 2060. In this case, for every 100 working Europeans, there will be 114 dependent people. Today, that number is 108 dependents to 100 workers.
  • To help lift the burden of the growing ratio of dependents, we should remember that we are not only living longer - we are also healthier for longer and can stay active longer in the labour force. Policies which promote a flexible connection to the labour market can be key in facilitating our longer careers.

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Demographic Scenarios for the EU - Migration, Population and Education