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Facts4EUFuture - a series of reports for the future of Europe

The EU faces a series challenges resulting from four global transformative trends:

  • technological development;
  • new work and societal organisation;
  • environmental sustainability and
  • shifts in the geopolitical balance.

These transformations are complex and rapid.

To produce credible responses, our policy makers will need more sophisticated analysis. This may allow them to anticipate change and be prepared for it.

We at the JRC are determined to provide this, starting with this new series of reports.

They provide an in-depth analysis of some of the key challenges. The reports view them through many different angles to better grasp their full complexity.

The Facts4EUFuture reports

We are only at the beginning of a rapid period of transformation of our economy and society due to the convergence of many digital technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is central to this change.

To make decisions about the future, it is important to understand how many people there will be in the future, and where they will live and work.

China has become a major industrial competitor in several rapidly expanding high-tech sectors, and may well attain innovation leadership in specific areas.

The importance and role of cities is increasing recognised - the future of cities will greatly impact all of our futures.

Current trends suggest that future road transport will be significantly different. New technologies, transport systems and business models need to meet better policies, governance and involve people.

Advances in behavioural, decision and social sciences show that humans are not purely rational beings. As a result, this report brings new insights to political behaviour.