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May 03 2018
May 04 2018

Smart specialisation, technology transfer and digital economy – investments in research, innovation and human capital are key priority areas for boosting jobs and growth.

Opportunities and challenges of innovation and Europe's response to them are the topics of this conference, with a focus on South-East Europe, including the Western Balkans, and for constructive dialogue between institutions and businesses.

Apr 26 2018
Apr 27 2018

The event is an opportunity to discuss the future development of activities at the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Centre (DRMKC).

  • reinforcing the collaboration of stakeholders
  • promotion of data collection
  • analysis for policy-making and for
  • testing and exploiting new knowledge for first responders.

The seminar aims to gather around 120 inter-disciplinary experts on

Apr 24 2018

Background and objectives

If we think about nature conservation or increasing essential ecosystem services we usually think of protected areas, conserving valuable ecosystems such as forests and wetlands, or maintaining rural landscapes. But can cities also help achieve biodiversity goals and targets? This largely depends on the amount, the quality and management of urban green infrastructure. However, the potential of cities to help protect biodiversity and ecosystem services is likely underestimated.

Apr 10 2018
May 31 2018

Rapeseed is one of Europe’s major crops. Oil and animal feed is produced from it. And it is beautiful to look at when flowering.

Take part in our social media campaign by collecting pictures of rapeseed in bloom from around your area.

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