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Sep 27 2016

NER 300 is one of the world’s largest funding programmes for highly innovative low-carbon energy demonstration projects, although it is not funded by the EU budget but by resources coming from the EU Emission Trading Scheme (ETS). The programme is conceived as a catalyst for the demonstration of environmentally safe carbon capture and storage (CCS) and innovative renewable energy (RES) technologies on a commercial scale within the European Union. The programme (about EUR 2.1 billion) funds 38 projects in 19 EU countries.

Sep 18 2016
Sep 22 2016
Plutonium Futures - The Science series of conferences provides an international forum for discussion of current research on physical and chemical properties of plutonium and other actinide elements in complex systems. The scientific sessions will be held at the Kongresshaus Baden-Baden, from September 18th to 22nd, 2016.
Challenges 2017 - Prevention by Information
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Oct 27 2016
Oct 28 2016

We all, are exposed to a rising flood of information. This also holds true for the manifold aspects of food safety and consumer protection.

Food surveillance activities generate data and documents, describing and evaluating the events of the past. The central challenge now is to obtain sound knowledge for the assessment of future events from information from the food chain. This leads us to pose various questions such as:

14th JRC Annual Training on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards 14th JRC Annual Training on Composite Indicators and Scoreboards
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Sep 26 2016
Sep 29 2016

The training (26-28 September 2016) will offer the lessons learnt from the JRC assessments on more than 100 well-known composite indicators and scoreboards.

Rob Hagendijk Rob Hagendijk
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Sep 15 2016

On the 15th of September, Dr. Rob Hagendijk will visit JRC Ispra to present a seminar entitled “Rare diseases as a real time policy laboratory: Citizen engagement and public health”, as part of the “contro-corrente” series of seminars.

Date: 15th September 14.30-16.00 Ispra, ROOM 101/1302

Oct 24 2016
Oct 24 2016

We are pleased to announce the final conference of the European Commission‐funded project ADVANCE. The conference will bring together stakeholders, climate policy experts and scientists to discuss:


Deep decarbonisation for staying well below 2°C.

Oct 24 2016

The GENTLE (Graduate and Executive Nuclear Training and Lifelong Education) project brings together leading European academic and research institutions with the goal to set up an executive learning programme, strongly supported by industry stakeholders. In this 6 week course you will learn the physics behind nuclear science, how to gain energy from nuclear fission, how nuclear reactors operate safely, and the life cycle of nuclear fuel: from mining to disposal. In the last part of the course, we will focus on what matters most in the public debate: the economic and social impact of nuclear energy but also the future of energy systems.



Nov 30 2016
Dec 02 2016

The 9th Conference of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan), organised by Networking4Innovation under the auspices of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU, will be held on the 30 November - 2 December in Bratislava, Slovakia.

For more information on this event, please visit the conference website.

For more information on SETIS and the SET Plan, please visit the SETIS website.

Human capital for territorial growth Human capital for territorial growth
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Oct 11 2016
Oct 12 2016

The JRC Annual Conference 2016 will focus on the importance of human capital for the prosperity of regions and cities.

Cover of the call Macro-Regional Innovation Week
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Sep 26 2016
Oct 31 2016

Innovation is not a phenomenon that occurs in a vacuum, it is intimately linked to local conditions and eco-systems and one of its key drivers is the complex interaction between the economic, scientific, academic, human and intellectual capital stock of a given area or region.

The Macro-Regional Innovation Week intends to focus on the exchange of best practices and knowledge among local and international policy and decision makers, academics, financial actors and various types of innovation and technology transfer practitioners.