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Sep 17 2019

The event will deal with natural hazards and ways of handling them, also in a cross-border perspective. Starting from an analysis of existing legislation, the event should lead to amendments on the basis of scientific evidence.

Sep 18 2019

Date to be confirmed

This conference co-organised by the Slovenian Ministry of education, science and sport will address the challenges of evidence-informed policy making in a horizontal way. The event will actively involve members of the Slovenian Parliament and actors at EU level.

Sep 26 2019

Coastal and maritime tourism represent a major economic asset for the region, but also entails significant social and environmental consequences. The event will discuss ways to develop the sector in a sustainable way.

Oct 03 2019
Košice region

As one of the prime economic centers of Slovakia and member of the Covenant of Mayors, the region of Košice aims to lead the transition towards sustainable and environmentally friendly regions. Leading Slovak scientists will attend the conference which will focus on energy and climate change.

Oct 04 2019
Luxembourg City

This one-day conference will introduce Luxembourgian policy-makers to the benefits of space-based data for environmental policy and law making. The focus of the event lies on "space for environment", more particularly in the field of disaster management and planned monitoring of resources.

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Oct 17 2019

The city of Zagreb intends to tackle pressing social issues - such as unemployment, poverty and social exclusion - with the help of scientific insight and evidence-based policy making. The results of the conference will feed into the city's social plan for the upcoming years.

Oct 22 2019

This conferences co-organised by the UK Parliament will deepen the debate on migration with the goal to better understand its impact on the economy and local communities. The event aims to inform both policymakers and the broader public through an evidence-based discourse.

Oct 23 2019
Oct 24 2019

In the wake of the 2017 terrorist attacks, the challenge addressed by this Innovation Camp is the integration of young migrants into the Catalan society.

Oct 23 2019
Oct 24 2019
Asturias region

The region of Asturias is currently facing a dilemma: developing its raw materials sector or preserving the natural beauty of the region. This challenge will be adressed at the spanish SmR innovation camp, which will include the participation of stakeholders from both the scientific and the academic world.

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Oct 29 2019
Central Denmark

Malnutrition in hospital patients and elderly people is a serious problem that demands an interdisciplinary approach and cuts across different areas of policymaking. The organisers of the Danish SmR event will bring together all the stakeholders involved in the issue and underpin the conference with strong scientific expertise, both locally and internationally sourced.