1. 30 Nov 2016
    2 Dec 2016

    The 9th Conference of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan), organised by Networking4Innovation under the auspices of the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the EU, will be held on the 30 November - 2 December in Bratislava, Slovakia.

    For more information on this event, please visit the conference website.

    For more information on SETIS and the SET Plan, please visit the SETIS website.

  2. 8 Nov 2016

    Following on from the success of Science meets parliaments in 2015, the JRC will organise the 2016 edition on 8 November 2016 in Brussels.

    The event will bring together Members of the European Parliament (MEP) and scientists in a series of bilateral meetings, as well as the now established Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) MEP-Scientist Pairing Scheme.

    Programme to be announced shortly.


  3. 24 Oct 2016

    The GENTLE (Graduate and Executive Nuclear Training and Lifelong Education) project brings together leading European academic and research institutions with the goal to set up an executive learning programme, strongly supported by industry stakeholders. In this 6 week course you will learn the physics behind nuclear science, how to gain energy from nuclear fission, how nuclear reactors operate safely, and the life cycle of nuclear fuel: from mining to disposal. In the last part of the course, we will focus on what matters most in the public debate: the economic and social impact of nuclear energy but also the future of energy systems.



  4. 20 Oct 2016
    21 Oct 2016

    The European Commission, in collaboration with the Università Cattolica "S. Cuore" in Milan, is organising the Counterfactual Methods for Policy Impact Evaluation 2016 (COMPIE 2016) conference.

    Keynote speakers: Michael Lechner (University of St. Gallen) and Jeffrey Andrew Smith (University of Michigan)

  5. 19 Oct 2016
    20 Oct 2016

    The focus changed from feed safety to feed security and other challenges, ranging from traceability to new feed materials. The conference therefore intends to bring together colleagues from different horizons, such as research organisations, industry academia and public organisation, reflecting the diversity of feed challenges, to discuss the current and future challenges related to feed.

  6. 17 Oct 2016
    18 Oct 2016

    Europe is now witnessing a growing movement of policy labs and other public innovation teams at EU, national, regional and local levels of governance. Their experimental, creative and citizen-centred approaches are changing the ways policies are shaped and delivered, putting forward alternative solutions in a time when our institutions require more robust and adaptable responses to complex situations.

  7. 12 Oct 2016
    13 Oct 2016

    This course provides participants with the theoretical basis for the estimation of measurement uncertainty and establishment of traceability. Measurement uncertainty and traceability are essential for the evaluation of measurement results.

  8. 11 Oct 2016

    The JRC Annual Conference 2016 will focus on the importance of human capital for the prosperity of regions and cities.

    The conference will take place on 11 October, at the Bozar in Brussels, within the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities.

    Around 400 participants representing different academic fields, regions, cities, business and international organisations will participate.

    During the conference, the European Commission's Knowledge Centre for Territorial Policies and the Cultural and Creative City Monitor 2016 will be launched.

  9. 6 Oct 2016
    7 Oct 2016

    This is a technical workshop with hands-on training exercises, which will introduce the global air quality scenario screening tool TM5-FASST to users interested in the evaluation of global and regional pollutant emission scenarios, particularly focusing on the concentrations of air pollutants and their impacts on human health and ecosystems.



  10. 4 Oct 2016

    The EURL for Mycotoxins workshop will inform the participants about the activities carried out by the EURL-Mycotoxins in 2016 and will discuss the prospects for 2017.