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A social media campaign on flowering rapeseed! Help improve crop yield forecasting
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Apr 10 2018
Jun 30 2018

Rapeseed is one of Europe’s major crops. Oil and animal feed is produced from it. And it is beautiful to look at when flowering.

Take part in our social media campaign by collecting pictures of rapeseed in bloom from around your area.

You will support our research.

Jun 25 2018
Jun 29 2018

SciArt is a project joining art and science to support EU policy making.

The flagship initiative of the SciArt project is the "Resonances" festival. The 2019 Resonances III theme is "big data".

With SciArt, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) brings together artists, scientists and policymakers.

At the Resonances festivals artists and scientist collaborate to exhibit artistic installations.

Jun 25 2018

The European Commission’s Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD) and the IOM's Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (GMDAC) will launch the Big Data for Migration Alliance (BD4M) to advance discussions on how to harness the potential of big data sources for the analysis of migration and its relevance for policymaking, while ensuring the ethical use of data and the protection of individuals’ privacy.

Jul 04 2018
Jul 05 2018

The workshop is organised by the European Commission (DG JRC) in collaboration with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of Zagreb University, the Centre for Technology Transfer Ltd. and the Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovation and Investments (HAMAG-BICRO).

Jul 09 2018
Jul 13 2018

The ELINDER 'Decommissioning Summer School' is addressed to undergraduate students in the area of engineering, science and technology.

The course will give in 5 days an overview of the important issues related to nuclear decommissioning and waste management.

The course includes visits of the nuclear installations from JRC-Ispra and practical illustrative cases studies.

The participation is free of charge, interested students should complete the application form and will be selected on this basis.

Jul 16 2018
Jul 27 2018

The ten-day course will cover all aspects of satellite navigation, including 

  • theory of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS),
  • threats to satnav systems,
  • patents and intellectual property,
  • creation of satnav-based businesses.

The main emphasis of the course will be the development of a group business project, building on an innovative idea to take in the planning of the product or service, its technical realisation and finally its marketing to customers.

Evidence for policy summer school – science, policy and demography
©European Union, 2018
Sep 05 2018
Sep 07 2018

In a world flooded with information making sense of and communicating knowledge, or evidence, is highly challenging.

Evidence-informed policymaking needs advocates and skilled practitioners.

The summer school aims to help researchers to have more impact and policymakers to use evidence for policy solutions.

The workshop will focus on the tools and approaches to inform the policymaking process through evidence.

Sep 10 2018
Sep 14 2018

The ELINDER specific course on "Decommissioning Planning and Cost Assessment" focusses on the know-how for preparing decommissioning activities: planning and cost assessment.

The course is organised by the Slovak University of Technology (STUBA).

The course will be supported with lectures from experienced Slovak companies as well as international organisations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

The registration fee is € 1750 (VAT incl.).

Sep 18 2018
Sep 21 2018

INSPIRE will hold its annual Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, and will focus on the user's side with the goal of benefitting our society and the economy through collaboration.

Call for submissions are open, and organised in 3 different strands:

INSPIRE the Users: In this strand special attention goes to inspiring the usage and users of INSPIRE. Both public and private parties are invited to share their experiences with creating applications that benefit from INSPIRE.

Sep 19 2018
Sep 21 2018

RemTech Europe, International Conference and Exhibition on remediation markets and technologies, is scheduled for 19, 20, 21 September 2018 in the beautiful town of Ferrara, between Bologna and Venice (in north-eastern Italy).

The Conference is promoted by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) and RemTech Expo, the most important permanent event on remediation technologies (