1. 21 May 2015
    22 May 2015

    On 21-22 May 2015, the Council of Europe and the Regional Park of Migliarino, San Rossore and Massaciuccoli, with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Environment of Italy and of the Tuscany Region, will hold a workshop to mark the 50th anniversary of the European 'Protected Areas in Europe' Diploma.

    The Italian Minister for Environment and other local authorities will participate. As part of the celebration, a tour of the park will be organised, including a visit to the JRC’s greenhouse gas flux monitoring station IT-SR2.


  2. 25 May 2015
    29 May 2015

    The INSPIRE Conference is joining forces with the Geospatial World Forum Conference to host a joint INSPIRE-GWF Conference in Lisbon, Portugal on the 25-29 May 2015.

  3. 26 May 2015

    This launch event aims at achieving a shared vision on knowledge-based energy policy development in regions.

  4. 26 May 2015

    PLANDIS - (PLANning geological DISposal of radioactive waste in Europe) aims to communicate and demonstrate a guidance for geological radioactive waste disposal. PLANDIS will be held on 26 May 2015 and will be hosted by the Institute for Nuclear Research Piteşti in Romania.

  5. 27 May 2015
    29 May 2015

    The workshop addresses European urbanization typologies and global urbanization trends and challenges from the point of view of reference data available, policy requirements, spatial planning recommendations and case studies.

    The event aims to bring together planners from international and national practice, from academia and policy, to discuss how new mapping tools can inform the design of spatial planning, and promote best practice, bridging the urban/rural spectrum.

  6. 27 May 2015

    In preparation for the Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on Blue Economy to be held in autumn 2015, stakeholders of the Union for the Mediterranean will hold an event "Towards a Roadmap for Blue Investment and Jobs in the Mediterranean'' on 27 May 2015 in Athens. 

  7. 27 May 2015
    29 May 2015

    The 17th International Symposium on Landscape Ecology, organised by the Institute of Landscape Ecology, Slovak Ecological Society and Constantine the Philosopher University, will be held in Nitra, Slovakia, from 27-29 May 2015.

    This symposium aims to explore the current concepts and trends in landscape ecology and the links to other landscape-related issues.

    JRC scientist Peter Vogt will give an oral presentation on latest JRC-research on landscape fragmentation assessment schemes.

  8. 28 May 2015

    Within the context of EU DevDays, the JRC organises a workshop with the 15 Future Leaders to exchange ideas in future oriented thinking, behavioural insights and design for policy.

  9. 28 May 2015

    This workshop, part of the INSPIRE and Geospatial World Forum conference, aims to bring together users and providers of data to discuss the ways in which more accessible and well documented information can act as a factor for sustainable economic growth and regional development, and contribute to the establishment of a Digital Single Market.

  10. 28 May 2015

    On the 28th of May, Dr. Cynthia Selin will visit JRC Ispra to present a seminar entitled “Future Imperfect: Critical Approaches to Foresight Deliberation”, as part of the “contro-corrente” series of seminars.

    Scientific thought, advances in technical systems and artifacts, and social dynamics evolve together, but often in surprising ways. Over time, uncertainties bloom and propagate.