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ARTEFACTS exhibition: How do we want to deal with the future of our one and only planet?
©European Union, 2018, photograph: J. Henry Fair
Oct 09 2018
Oct 11 2019
ARTEFACTS illustrates some of the threats we humans pose to planet Earth as a result of our own economic development. At the same time the exhibition will show how we can meet our growing needs without damaging our natural environment.
The Resilience of the Financial System - 1st Annual Conference of the JRC Community of Practice in Financial Research The financial and economic crisis that started in 2008 still has effect on our lives. The conference will look at ways to increase the resilience of the financial system.
©European Union, 2018
Nov 20 2018
Nov 21 2018

The financial and economic crisis that started in 2008 still has effect on our lives.

Ten years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, to what extent have we managed to increase the resilience of the financial system?

The 1st Annual Conference of the JRC Community of Practice in Financial Research (CoPFiR) will deal with the

  • resilience of the banking sector and the
  • financial system at large.

It will also try to identify future challenges to financial stability.

This two-day event

SET-Plan Conference 2018 logo
©SET-Plan Conference 2018
Nov 20 2018
Nov 21 2018

The European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan) aims to accelerate the development and deployment of low-carbon technologies. It seeks to improve new technologies and bring down costs by coordinating national research efforts and helping to finance projects. Annual SET-plan conferences have been organised in, and together with, EU Council Presidency countries since 2008, offering a chance for decision-makers, stakeholders and researchers to meet and assess the SET-Plan's progress.

Nov 21 2018
Nov 22 2018

The JRC, in collaboration with DG AGRI and the Croatian Paying Agency for Agriculture Fisheries and Rural Development (APPRRR), is pleased to announce the 24th MARS Conference that will take place in Dubrovnik on 21 and 22 November, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Please book these dates on your agenda.

The conference will provide a platform to present and discuss Member States’ experiences and general observations regarding the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS), including developments in shared management.


Sessions will focus on:

Nov 23 2018

The Joint Research Centre (JRC), the European Commission's science and knowledge service, in collaboration with the European Institute of Technology (EIT) are organising an interactive workshop focusing on the legal and regulatory challenges start-ups and research projects active within the field of artificial intelligence (AI) may face.

The event is part of a broader JRC-EIT project and aims to bring together policymakers, legal experts and practitioners to explore major legal challenges intrinsic to working with AI technology.

S3 Thematic Platform Days S3 Thematic Platform Days: conference and meetings
©JRC, European Commission
Nov 27 2018
Nov 28 2018

The JRC-managed Smart Specialisation Platform organises, in co-operation with the Basque Country, the S3 Thematic Platform Days in Bilbao (ES).

This two-day event will bring together partners from the three Thematic Platforms:

Nov 27 2018

The aim of the Data Challenge on Integration of Migrants in Cities (D4I) is to stimulate research on various aspects of the integration of migrants at local level.

Registration, programme and contact

Please register online and find more information about the workshop on the dedicated website.

Nov 29 2018
Nov 30 2018

Registration, programme and furhter information

The workshop is mostly addressed to modellers and analysts in EU institutions, EU countries' administrations and academia.

Register online, download the programme

Smart Grid Interoperability Laboratory in Petten Smart Grid Interoperability Laboratory in Petten
©European Union, 2018
Nov 29 2018

Our houses are fast becoming smart homes, with smart thermostats, domestic appliances and security systems activated by apps on our smartphones. But this is just the beginning. Smart homes are growing into smart communities and smart regions – even smart cities. In the future, we will live in an intelligent digital eco-system, where virtual power plants connect up sustainable energy systems, where electric cars behave as intelligent batteries, and where citizens produce energy as well as consuming it.

Dec 03 2018
Dec 07 2018

The SCK•CEN organises an ELINDER G1Training Course on "Decommissioning of Nuclear Installations".The main objective of the training course is to provide the participants with the basic requirements regarding the management of a decommissioning project and to share experience from ongoing decommissioning projects.


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