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Workshop "Fiscal Policy and Microsimulation"

Jan 25 2018
Jan 25 2018

The JRC co-organises the workshop Fiscal Policy and Microsimulation that will take place on 25 January 2018 in Valencia (Spain).

The workshop will combine relevant keynote speakers with contributed papers and will run in parallel to the 25th Meeting on Public Economics, a 2-day general-purpose conference focused on Public Economics (in Spanish).

The aim of the workshop is to provide an opportunity to bring together relevant research work in the field of fiscal policy evaluation, both from the micro and macro traditions.

Contributed papers topics may focus on any of the following main areas of research:

  • Fiscal policy evaluation
  • Fiscal policy and economic growth
  • Ex-ante and ex-post effects of tax reforms
  • Tax policies
  • Redistributive effects of fiscal policy
  • Microsimulation tools
  • Macroeconomics dynamics and fiscal policy
  • Applied welfare analysis
  • The political economy of tax and spending reforms

Full papers should be in English and be submitted by 10 October 2017 electronically through Conference Maker, to the corresponding session.