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The VI Regional modelling Workshop gathers researchers from all over Europe

The VI Regional modelling Workshop
Oct 25 2018
Oct 26 2018

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has organised the VI Regional Modelling Workshop in Seville. It brought together researchers from all over Europe to discuss themes related to modelling and regional and territorial analysis. It has been an occasion to scan the scientific horizon to explore future avenues of research and to exchange views with leading experts on the various policy-relevant features developed and currently in development in our models such as RHOMOLO.

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/jrc/en/file/document/176620the final agenda

 (with downloadable presentations in pdf).

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Thursday 25th October - Presentations and contributions

09:00–09:30 - Registration and Welcome

  • Andrea Conte (JRC) and José Ignacio García (UNIA)

09:30–11:30 - Session 1. General Equilibrium Modelling 1 - Chair: Martin Christensen (JRC)

12:00–13:30 - Session 2. Input-Output and Trade Modelling - Chair: Alessandro Antimiani (DG TRADE)

  • Giovanni Mandras (JRC):

    /jrc/en/file/document/176626The trade in value added of the European regions

    . Discussant: María Concepción Latorre.
  • María Concepción Latorre (Universidad Complutense de Madrid):

    /jrc/en/file/document/176627Trade and FDI-related impacts of Brexit

    . Discussant: Mark Thissen.
  • Mark Thissen (PBL): From IO to CGE analyses, the impact of a tariff on bilateral trade. Discussant: Giovanni Mandras.

14:30–16:00 - Session 3. General Equilibrium Modelling 2 - Chair: Cristiana Benedetti Fasil (JRC)

16:30–18:30 - Session 4. Regional Economics – Empirics - Chair: Pasquale D’Apice (DG ECFIN)

  • Ugo Fratesi (Politecnico di Milano): The territorial determinants of cohesion policy impact: An analysis of firm grants. Discussant: José Gaspar.
  • Vicente Ríos (Universidad Pública de Navarra):

    /jrc/en/file/document/176631Quality of government and regional resilience in the European Union. Evidence from the Great Recession

    . Discussant: Coro Chasco.
  • José Gaspar (Católica Porto Business School):

    /jrc/en/file/document/176632Economic Geography meets Hotelling: a home-sweet-home effect

    . Discussant: Ugo Fratesi.
  • Coro Chasco (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid): Quantification of the 'Airbnb effect' in the city of Madrid. Discussant: Vicente Ríos.

Friday 26th October - Presentations and contributions

09:30–11:00 - Session 5. Transport Modelling - Chair: Jorge Diaz Lanchas (JRC)

11:30–13:30 - Session 6. The labour market - Chair: Giuseppe Piroli (DG EMPL)

13:30- 3:45 - Key Take-Away Points and Final Thoughts

  • Simone Salotti (JRC); Cristina Calizzani (ESTAT) and Jorge Diaz Lanchas (JRC).