EU Science Hub

Urbanization in Europe and the World

May 27 2015
May 29 2015

The workshop addresses European urbanization typologies and global urbanization trends and challenges from the point of view of reference data available, policy requirements, spatial planning recommendations and case studies.

The event aims to bring together planners from international and national practice, from academia and policy, to discuss how new mapping tools can inform the design of spatial planning, and promote best practice, bridging the urban/rural spectrum.

The first two days are developed around a technical and a public policy discussion. The third day will be reserved for the UNECE Housing and Land Management Committee Task Group meeting on spatial planning guidelines and for visiting the EXPO 2015.

The workshop is by invitation only. For information, please contact Matina Halkia



27 May 2015

M. Halkia - Welcome presentation

M. Batty - When All The World’s a City: Europe in an Entirely Urbanized World

L. Dijkstra - How the science of cities can help European policy makers: new analysis and perspectives

Session 1 - European reference data, models, indicators

M. Halkia - The European Settlement Map

M. Cugny-S├ęguin - Urbanisation in Europe and in the World. An integrated approach of urban system and flows

C. Lavalle - Regional and territorial modelling for urban planning A tool to foster cohesion in Europe

M. Saisana - On Poverty, EU2020 targets and Culture and Creativity: what do EU city level analyses reveal?

Session 2 - European urban analysis and case studies

D. Levy - A statistical representation of urban population and its evolution

S. Anderson_- Mapping the Green Infrastructure of the Greater Adelaide Area

F. Batista_- Modelling urbanization processes in Europe

F. Manfredini - Processes of urban regionalization in Italy: a focus on mobility practices explained through mobile phone data in the Milan urban region

N. Mudau - Extraction of human settlement data using SPOT 6 satellite imagery

28 May 2015

M. Montgomery - Global Urbanization Today: Low and Middle Income Countries

M. Halkia - Workshop Conclusions

Session 1  - Tools and methods for global urban analysis

E. Hamilton - Tools and Methods for Global Urban Analysis

M. Pesaresi - Global Human Settlement Layer

E. Stokes - Characterizing cities and urban development modes from space

Y. Ban_- ESA due innovator: EO4Urban

Session 2 - Population data for spatial planning

G. Yetman - Gridded Population World version 4

A.Blei - Monitoring Global Urban Expansion

D. Balk - Urban Change and Well-being

A.J. Tatem - The WorldPop project

Session 3 - Spatial planning guidelines

T. Breimer - urban expansion: anticipation and preparation

P. Elisei - Spatial planning guidelines

R. Sietchiping - International guidelines on urban and territorial planning

G. Roll -_Key Elements for Sustainable Urban Policy in the UNECE Region