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THEORY-3: Scientific Workshop on Nuclear Fission dynamics and the Emission of Prompt Neutrons and Gamma Rays

Sep 16 2014
Sep 18 2014

Scope of the workshop
The workshop aims at providing a comprehensive overview of the dynamical aspects of nuclear fission and their consequences on the fission fragment properties. Contributions should highlight the advancement of nuclear fission theory and in particular of the emission of prompt neutrons and gamma rays.

It represents the third workshop of a series initiated in 2010 in Sinaia, Romania and continued in 2012 in Biarritz, France

Theory-3 is co-organized by EC-JRC-IRMM (Belgium) and the NIPNE, Bucharest (Romania).

In order to enhance the workshops’ potential for high-quality networking, experts are invited to attend and participation of post doctoral fellows and PhD students who wish to present their work is encouraged.

Download the announcement and the poster of the Theory-3 workshop.

Themes of the workshop
- Fission dynamics
- Fission fragment properties
- Fission neutrons and gammas
- Data needs

Programme advisory committee
R. Capote IAEA, Austria
S. Oberstedt EC-JRC-IRMM, Belgium
O. Serot CEA-Cadarache, France
P. Talou LANL, USA
A. Tudora Bucharest University, Romania

Important dates
15 July 2014 Deadline for abstracts
1 August 2014 Notification for authors
31 August 2014 Deadline for registration
16-18 September 2014 Workshop

Registration for THEORY-3 will be opened on 1 August 2014. Further details will be given on the web site.
The last day for registration is 31 August 2014.
There is no registration fee. Participation is limited to 40 participants.

• 45 minutes for invited contributions, including discussion
• 25 minutes for regular contributions, including discussion

Abstracts and full contribution Abstracts are due 15 July 2014 and full papers are due on 16 September 2014 at the start of the workshop. It is intended to have the proceedings published in Physics Procedia. Instructions for the format of the abstract and the full paper can be found on the workshop website. Both should be submitted in electronic format following the guidelines given.

Participants will be informed of acceptance of their presentation by 1 August 2014.

Instructions for authors: abstract
Instructions for authors: full contribution (Will be published shortly)
Example of full contribution (Will be published shortly)

Abstracts should follow the guidelines for abstracts and should be submitted to Full papers are due on 16 September 2014. They may be given to the organiser in electronic format (CDROM, USB drive) or sent to


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