EU Science Hub

Soil Erosion modelling workshop

Mar 20 2017
Mar 22 2017

This workshop, which will be held on the JRC-Ispra site, will address issues regarding how local/regional modelling results can be upscaled (or applied) to the European scale. The workshop also serves as a follow-up of recent JRC modelling developments and published maps on soil erosion by water and wind. The workshop will focus on how various project or local/regional modelling applications can improve “know-how” at the European scale. Emphasis will also be given to management practices that can reduce soil erosion.

The organisers invite pan-European projects (e.g RECARE) to show the best management practices to reduce erosion and to demonstrate their research work in study sites.

Scientists dealing at the small scale are invited to present the possibilities and limitations of upscaling their results. Scientists operating at the large scale are invited to consider how their modelling/ mapping can be validated with small scale data.

The workshop will start Monday 20 March 9:00 and will end Wednesday 22 March 13:00 (2.5 days).

The workshop is structured in five blocks:

  • Large-scale soil erosion modelling
  • Small-scale soil erosion modelling
  • Conservation practices to control erosion
  • Sediment transport – Radionuclides
  • Various (wind erosion modelling, policies in soil conservation, coupling with carbon modelling)

For further information, please contact Panos Panagos - Panos.PANAGOS(at)