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Skills for evidence-informed policy making (EIPM) - workshop

Skills for policymakers for evidence-informed policy making (EIPM)
Apr 09 2018
Apr 10 2018

How should policies be made? Ideally by policy makers making decisions after weighing the facts and reconciling the different values that exist in plural democratic societies.

Reality often looks different!

Operating at both sides of the science-policy interface is made challenging due to the over-supply of knowledge on one side and the complexity of the political process on the other.

The amount of information to be considered by the policy makers is overwhelming and ever more complex while our information processing can be skewed by our biases.

Yet there remain important evidence gaps on ‘what works’ in many policy areas.

As a result, science, politics and the needs of people are harder than ever to reconcile just when we most need evidence-informed policies.

Objectives and programme

Having identified these needs, the Joint Research Centre and the OECD are organising a workshop on ‘Skills for policymakers for evidence-informed policy making’.

The event will be held at the OECD Headquarters in Paris on 9-10 April 2018.

It aims to promote evidence-informed policy making for good public governance.

The workshop is open to policymakers and experts working at the science/policy interface.

This works follows in the footsteps of the OECD's reports on Skills for a High Performing Civil Service and JRC’s Framework for Skills essential for researchers active in the science-policy interface.

Yet for this agenda to be successful, the public sector needs to build capacity to commission, understand, use and evaluate evidence to support political decision making.

This entails developing the skills and capacities to promote evidence use at the individual level, as well as institutional procedures, incentives and resources to support policy implementation.

/jrc/en/file/document/174914Workshop programme


The workshop is open to policymakers and experts working at the science/policy interface.

Please register on the OECD event page.