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Workshop on the role of Science/ Technology Parks and Incubators in Innovation Ecosystems

Workshop on the role of Science/ Technology Parks and Incubators in Innovation Ecosystems
May 23 2017
May 24 2017

The European Commission is organising on 23rd and 24th of May 2017 the event: 'Workshop on the Role of Science/ Technology Parks and Incubators in Innovation Ecosystems -Promoting Technology Transfer and Innovation.'

The main focus of this workshop is the exchange of good practices for the development and management of Science and Technology Parks (STPs) and Incubators in the Danube and Adriatic-Ionian Macro Regions.

Issues related to the optimal ownership and operational structure of such facilities will be discussed as well as approaches in terms of sectoral or technological profile.

Exchange of best practices will be facilitated through the exploration of case studies from the region and beyond. The role of STPs and incubators in supporting smart specialisation strategies will also be considered.


The objectives of this workshop are to exchange know-how among practitioners from the region on successful practices in science parks and incubators development and management and to explore and understand the role that these can play in creating value and developing innovation ecosystems.

The workshop aims to explore the different models for STPs and incubator development and financing as well as management. It will also consider the role that various stakeholders, both private and public (industry, academia, government, the investment community, etc.) can play to generate a virtuous circle that can accelerate local economic development and drive regional competitiveness.

The focus of the workshop is on exploring best practices that can help to tackle issues and bottlenecks that are specific to the Danube and Adriatic-Ionian macro regions. This workshop is expected to assist in streamlining the technology commercialisation and technology transfer system in all the countries concerned including member states, candidate and neighbourhood countries.

The conclusions of this meeting are also expected to feed into broader political developments, in particular in relation to the Berlin process, and the development and further integration of the economies of the Western Balkan countries. In this respect, it is expected that the outcome of this meeting will feed into discussions to be held at the Berlin Process Summit scheduled to take place in Trieste in July 2017.

Location and co-organisers

Thessaloniki has been selected to host this workshop as an example of a competitive innovation and technology transfer ecosystem for the whole region of the Western Balkans and the new Member States of Bulgaria and Romania. It also lies at the crossroads of two macro-regions: the Danube Region and the Adriatic-Ionian Region.

The event is sponsored by:

  • The European Commission
  • The Region of Central Macedonia, Greece

The event is organised in association with: 

  • The International Association of Science and Technology Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP)
  • The Thessaloniki Technology Park
  • The i4G Incubator
  • AREA Science Park


Programme & Media

/jrc/en/file/document/171739Concept and Programme.pdf





23 May - Science and Technology Parks and Incubators

Sotiris Pavleas, Special Associate of Secretary General for Research and Technology, Greece 

/jrc/en/file/document/172539Overview of Programs for research, Technological development and Innovation

Luis Sanz, Director General, International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP)

/jrc/en/file/document/172540Science Parks and Areas of Innovation New models, trends and success factors

Paris Kokorotsikos, Member, International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP)

/jrc/en/file/document/172541The Importance and Impact of Investments in STPs in EU countries and the evolution of STPs in SE Europe

Antonios Gypakis, General Secretariat for Research and Technology, Greece

/jrc/en/file/document/172543Support of Technology Parks through GSRT programmes and international cooperation initiatives

Anna Sobczak, Directorate-General Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, European Commission

/jrc/en/file/document/172544European Cluster Policy & the Role of Science/Technology Parks

Simeon Shenev, Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission

/jrc/en/file/document/172545Science and Technology parks and regional innovation strategies - the EU experience

Ales Gnamus, Smart Specialisation for the Balkan/Danube region, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission

/jrc/en/file/document/172546The Role of Science Parks in Smart Specialisation

Sergio Paoletti, President, AREA Science Park

/jrc/en/file/document/172547Profile and activities

Christophe Yvetot, Head, Liaison Office to the European Union, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

/jrc/en/file/document/172548Eco-Industrial Parks Hubs for Innovation

Anwar Aridi, World Bank Group

/jrc/en/file/document/172549The case of Romania's ELI-NP Laser Valley: Research Clusters and Enabling Conditions for spillovers

Magdalini Ioannidis, Louvain-la-Neuve Science Park

/jrc/en/file/document/172550Driving Economic Growth In Wallonia, Belgium

Branko Dunjic, Director of the Cleaner Production Centre of Serbia and UNIDO Coordinator for Sound Chemicals Management

/jrc/en/file/document/172551RECPNet in South-Eastern European Countries for Sustainable Industrial Parks

Philippe Deléarde, INNO Group, How to implement Incubators/Accelerators in Science Parks

/jrc/en/file/document/172552Why to implement incubators and accelerators in Science Parks

Peer Ambrée, Science and Technology Park Berlin Adlershof/Federal German association of innovation, technology and business incubation centres

/jrc/en/file/document/172553Revitalising the STP´s ecosystem with new incubation tools

Georgia Aifadopoulou, CEO Thessaloniki Technology Park

/jrc/en/file/document/172554New Approach & Governance For Innovative Science & Technology Parks

Gordana Danilović Grković, Director, Science and Technology Park of Belgrade

/jrc/en/file/document/172555Business models for running sustainable STPs

Iztok Lesjak, General Manager, Technology Park Ljubljana

/jrc/en/file/document/172556Case of Technology Park Ljubljana and regional collaborative innovation ecosystem

Martin Krch, Lakeside Science & Technology Park

/jrc/en/file/document/172558Business Models for running sustainable STPs

Theologos Prokopiou, CEO i4G Business Incubator

/jrc/en/file/document/172560ISGEMs - Business “Incubators” in Turkey

Mustafa Güden, Chairman, Technopark Izmir (Science Park based incubators)

/jrc/en/file/document/172562Remarks on the incubation practices in Teknopark İzmir of Turkey

Broos Bakens, HighTechXL



24 May - Regional Ecosystema and Actors: Local challenges

Dimitrios Katsikas, D-Cube

/jrc/en/file/document/172564Promoting Technology Transfer and Innovation

Nikolaos Chalkias, OxSonics Ltd

/jrc/en/file/document/172565Promoting Technology Transfer and Innovation: focus on the Danube and Adriatic-Ionian Macro regions and the Western Balkan countries

Evangelos Vassiliadis, Agrostis SA, Greece

/jrc/en/file/document/172566Taking Innovations to Market. A case in the AgroTech sector

Mirjana Opačić, Innovation Center, University of Belgrade

/jrc/en/file/document/172567Taking innovations to the market

Stergios Logothetidis, Laboratory for Thin Films - Nanobiomaterials - Nanosystems & Nanometrology (LTFN), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

/jrc/en/file/document/172568Nanotechnology Lab LTFN - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Elena Andonova, Joint Research Centre (JRC), European Commission

/jrc/en/file/document/172569Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs)

Barbara Diehl, Innovation Academy UCD, Business Model Canvass

/jrc/en/file/document/172570BMC for technology ventures. What is the problem to be solved?

Dimitris Konstantinidis, CHORUS, the Clean Energy Cluster

/jrc/en/file/document/172571CHORUS - The Clean Energy Cluster

Tim Vorley, University of Sheffield

/jrc/en/file/document/172572Business Models & Innovation

Deniz Tuncalp, Chief Marketing Officer, ITU ARI Teknokent

/jrc/en/file/document/172573ITU ARI Teknokent Start-Up Ecosystem

Stavros Moissidis, Co-founder, Turnand Peripherals

/jrc/en/file/document/172574Smart Peripherals For Smart Devices

Aida Boukhris, Friedrich-Alexander-University, Erlangen-Nuremberg

/jrc/en/file/document/172575Josephs® An Open Innovation Laboratory