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QSAFFE Workshop for Regulatory Laboratories

Jul 09 2014

The rearing of healthy European livestock is highly dependent on the provision of high quality and safe feeds. This in turn has a major impact on the safety of the entire animal based food chain.

The concept of QSAFFE is to deliver better, faster and economically viable means of ensuring the quality and safety of animal feeds in Europe. The QSAFFE consortium is composed of academics and government scientists with substantial experience in animal feed research along with industrial companies, large and small, dedicated to supplying and producing high quality and safe animal feeds. This research project aimed at:

  • providing better ways of preventing contamination and fraud,
  • identifying and assessing new risks and
  • providing scientific evidence of the risks of transfer of microbiological and chemical contaminants from feed to food.

This workshop will provide you with the main outcome of the QSAFFE project (, presenting to you the latest methods developed using new technologies and/or adapting existing methods. The range of applications varies from the  detection of melamine in feed ingredients to the detection of veterinary drugs or PCBs using a range of techniques from nondestructive spectroscopy to high resolution mass spectrometry. This workshop will also give you the possibility to meet experts in the respective fields and to exchange knowledge. The workshop is aimed at scientists and technicians working in regulatory laboratories and involved in official control of feed on the European market.

The workshop is free of charge and will be opened to a maximum of 30 participants. JRC-IRMM will reimburse participants their accommodation costs and will provide transport from and to the institute from Brussels airport. Please note that places
at the workshop are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis.


Final agenda QSAFFE workshop Regulatory Laboratories v2.pdf

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Dr Ursula Vincent


Dr Ana Boix Sanfeliu


JRC-IRMM is looking forward to welcoming you at our Strategies for Early Quality and Safety Assurance in the Feed Chain Workshop.