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Public Health and Nutrition Economics: the numbers behind prevention?

Nov 12 2015
Nov 14 2015

At a time when national health systems are under great financial pressure and greater investment is warranted in prevention of ill health, only about 3% of current EU health expenditure is allocated to public health and prevention programmes.

The workshop will focus on identifying non communicable disease prevention areas (with a focus on, but not limited to, nutrition) where investment can have high and fast return.

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Group photo from the Public Health and Nutrition Economics: the numbers behind prevention? workshop
Group photo
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Avi Israeli, Ministry of Health of Israel
Evidence-base needed for policy makers to justify public health measures targeted at prevention of non-communicable diseases

Jan Wollgast and Sandra Caldeira, European Commission, Joint Research Centre
Aims of the workshop

Michele Cecchini, Health Division, OECD
Evaluating the cost obesity

Marc Suhrcke, Centre for Health Economics, University of York
Economic evaluation of public health interventions

Artur Furtado, European Commission, DG Public Health and Food Safety
Demonstrating impact of EU policies in nutrition and physical activity

Andrea Saltelli, Centre for the Study of Sciences and the Huamnities, University of Bergen
Science for policy

Jan Wollgast, European Commission, Joint Research Centre and Carlos Martin Saborido, Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, Spain
Comparing alternative nutrition policies: what else matters?

Iñaki Gutiérrez-Ibarluzea, Basque Office for HTA, Basque Government
What is nutrition economics: building a community of nutrition economics

Kevin Balanda, Institute of Public Health in Ireland
Lifetime cost of childhood obesity

Lieven Annemans and Lore Pil, Ghent University
Building a framework for long-term nutrition economic evaluations of interventions to address childhood obesity: the ToyBox study

Giovanni Fattore, Director of Policy Analysis, Bocconi University
Is there room for improvement in nutrition economics?